For Citizens / Activists

Why 100?

Americans deserve this. Progress for American women in politics has been slow, and a bold target is necessary to make bold change. Achieving our target of 100 will amount to a 22 seat gain across both chambers - ambitious, but achievable, and a great way of honoring the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage.

Why Congress?

America ranks 101st in the world for representation of women in federal legislature with only 19% of the House and 21% of the Senate made up of women. We focus on Congress because underrepresentation of women and minorities in the body responsible for making federal laws impacts the lives of all Americans.

Why women?

Women make up more than half the U.S. population but only one fifth of Congress. America deserves a Congress more representative of the population, and we believe we can achieve progressive change in America while also electing a more representative Congress. We support progressives winning more seats, and progressive women are as likely as progressive men to win elections. There are, however, systemic barriers keeping women from running, and Project 100 is designed to dismantle those barriers and open the playing field to deserving candidates.

How do you choose who gets included on your platform?

First, we support candidates who identify as women, and are running for the House or Senate. We include those who have registered with the FEC and have a campaign website or other publicly available materials that communicates  information about their candidacies.

Candidates also need to be progressive. We’ve defined this broadly by a set of pro-American values based on equality of opportunity: equality under the law, access to economic opportunity, and healthy people and communities.

How do you define progressive?

We’ve defined this broadly by a set of pro-American values based on equality of opportunity: equality under the law, access to economic opportunity, and healthy people and communities. For more information, click here.

How does the trending algorithm work?

The conventional determinant of candidate viability is their ability to fundraise, possibly combined with polling and key issue stances.

Project 100 seeks to level the playing field for women and candidates of diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. We weigh money heavily in our algorithm, but also look at factors “any Jane” can impact: increases to social media following, media hits, and key endorsements.

In this way, we endeavor to moderate the role money plays in candidate selection, and enable more candidates of diverse backgrounds to run viable, winnable campaigns.

How are you different from other organizations?

There is no other place for Americans to go to to learn about all the progressive women running for Congress and take action to support them. We enable people to search by geo-location to identify the women running in districts closest to them, as well as to filter candidates running nationwide by background characteristics. In 2018, we will be unveiling additional tools for citizen organizing and activism.

Our goal is to build a powerful coalition working to make change. Project 100 will complement the valuable work of organizations training and inspiring women to run, and those endorsing women candidates. Many women who sign up for candidate training programs end up not actually running for office, in no small part because they fear that they will be unable to gather the support and funding they need to run successful campaigns. Further, parties and establishment organizations provide limited support during the primaries, which is when candidates need it most. Through our digital platform and soon to be launched skill-sharing community, Project 100 seeks to overcome these obstacles by creating an ecosystem of support for female candidates.

What endorsements do you track and why?

We are currently tracking the endorsements of organizations that share our values. These include: political party endorsements, EMILY’s List, Planned Parenthood, National Women’s Political Caucus, the Latino Victory Fund, the Congressional Black Caucus PAC, Democracy for America, the Sierra Club, Justice Democrats, Brand New Congress, and Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund.

Who are you?

You can read about us here. Our founding team includes alumni of Google Politics, the U.S. Digital Service, nonprofits and politics. More than 200 volunteers contributed their time and talent to assist with our launch.

How are you funded?

We primarily want people to donate to progressive women running for Congress to help women win. We also need to raise funds to cover our operating costs. We plan to operate as a lean, grassroots organization. People can make donations to us on our donation page. We will also be selling merchandise, holding fundraising events, and making private appeals to cover our costs.

For Candidates

How are donations made to candidates via your website?

For nearly every candidate featured on our website, donations are being processed by ActBlue. When a citizen clicks to donate to a candidate, they are directed to an ActBlue page. When they complete their donation, the money goes to that candidate’s ActBlue account. ActBlue takes a small processing fee, and cuts a check every Monday with funds raised through Sunday. There are a couple of candidates featured on our website who don’t have ActBlue accounts. We are working to identify an alternative solution for these candidates.

How will people be encouraged to volunteer for campaigns?

We have linked to the volunteer page of campaign websites where we found one. We will also soon be releasing a skill sharing community designed to help campaigns link up with skilled and general volunteers who want to help elect progressive women.

How were profiles written, and what if something is inaccurate?

We wrote candidate profiles based on information the public can find online. We also provide a questionnaire for candidates to let us know how they stack up against our progressive values. Members of the public are encouraged to report inaccuracies on candidate pages and link to evidence supporting corrections. We will do our research and correct inaccuracies as quickly as we can.

Does Project 100 endorse?

No! There are a lot of great organizations that do endorse. We track some of these endorsements , and include them on candidate profiles and in our trending algorithm.

I’m a candidate. How can I get involved?

Keep running your awesome campaigns. We will follow you on social media and sign up to receive your newsletters. We want to be an amplifier for you, so keep the public (and therefore, us!) informed. We’ll do our best to help you spread the word about your campaign.